How To Recover Deleted Files From Android

Do you know? How To Recover Deleted Files.

We all know that our Mobile Data is very important for us. But suddenly, it happens that by mistake from our own hand or our Kids Delete Some Important Data such as Recorded Audio’s or important Call Recordings and other Important Data. So what you will do in that situation? Whether you have any solution for how to recover deleted files on the phone or your friend is there who is going to help you in Call Recording Backup or Audio Recovery.

So as per thought, “Precaution is Better than Cure”.

How To Recover Deleted Audio Files & Recordings in Android Mobile 2020.

There are various ways to recover Deleted Audio Files and Recordings from Mobile Phone with Computer Software. But no one is saying the ways to recover it from Mobile itself because they think, “It is not possible to recover deleted files whether it is free or by paying for some Audio Recovery Pro App.”

Recovery of Deleted Data is not so easy task. Because it is the process to Recover it from Android Mobile itself which is lengthy work and Many Mobile Repairers charge you much money or someone says, “No it is Not Recoverable”.

But from today with the help of reading this, you can get a Skill of “How to Recover Deleted Files in Android Mobile”.

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Earn Money through Data Lost Recovery Skill

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Many Questions are there in people’s mind related to Recovery of Deleted Data in Android Mobile:

How can I retrieve deleted call recordings?

Yes, you can retrieve Deleted Call Recordings with the help of our authentic Software which isn’t charging you Money.

How do I retrieve deleted voice recordings on an Android Phone?
Of course, it is very easy and you can do it from your Android Phone. With the help of our free App for Android Phone.

How do I Recover Deleted voice memos from my Android without a computer?
Voice Memos is very important in everyone’s mobile and whether it got lost! How to recover those Voice Memos without using Computer Software. Also, it is Free in Android with ease procedure.

Is it possible to get call recordings?
Sure, it is possible. But Only the thing you need to remember is to get back all the lost Call Recordings is, your Mobile need Active Condition.
Another important thing is you just need only your smartphone and no computer software.

Some Important Things:

Most importantly, ensure you have not stacked more information on your Phone after you unintentionally erased your records, you may likewise need to kill your web systems to evade programmed refreshes. The motivation to do this is when information is erased, regardless of whether photographs, music, records, or whatever, it isn’t really erased until something has been composed over it in the gadget’s memory.

All that is at first erased is the file that focuses on where the information begins in your memory, so as long as you can find that point once more, you can recover your erased data. In the event that new information gets composed over the highest point of where your lost Data are, they will be lost completely.

There are numerous applications that could assist you with Recovering your Lost Data or any sort of records be it photographs, recordings, Audio, and so on.

2 Best Methods to Recover Deleted Audio & Recording:

Android applications that you can download to tackle your concern:
Dumpster: Audios, Pictures, Videos, and all deleted documents and information can be recovered.

But Condition is:

  • Your Data Must be Deleted when this Dumpster App is already Installed in Mobile Phone whether Not, so it cannot be recovered with this Dumpster App. And many times Dumpster will Charge you Money for getting back your Data otherwise it will show you the Ads which against Services providing.

Another very Best Procedure to Recover Data such as:-

Audio, Call Recordings, and Small Mobile Video Clips such as WhatsApp Clips.
It is with the help of App which is Free to Use and it is the best as per my opinion.

Remember the Points to Use this 2nd App for the Recovery of Data Lost from Mobile:

  • Install the App
  • Accept Permissions
  • First Check whether in your Mobile Memory is available to store the Data Recovering.
  • Click on RECOVERY METHOD 1 (If Memory Card or SD Card Data also Lost then Check Mark on ALSO RECOVER SD CARD DATA).
  • It will take some time to complete Fetching your Data from 0 to 100%.
  • After Completion – Check your Phone Memory with a New Folder with Name, “ALL_RECOVERED_AUDIO”.
  • The Above Folder consists of all your Deleted Files of recovered it is how simple.

Another Important Point:

You can also Delete all Recovered Data with One Click on DELETE RECOVERED DATA.

For more information, you can see our Video to get better help Practically. But this video is in Hindi Language and whether you want this video in English Comment me in Video Description or in this Website Comment Section. Watch Full Procedure through Video…
How To Recover Deleted Audio Files & Recordings in Android Mobile 2020

The process is simple and free, you just need to install the App from our below-given Link of Application.




2 Simple Process to Recover Lost Data of Mobile:

1. Install Dumpster App

2. Install Free AUDIO RECOVERY APP from above Link.



  • Click on AUDIO RECOVERY METHOD 1 & wait to load Complete 100%.
  • Check New Folder with the Name “ALL_RECOVERED_AUDIO.
  • This Folder has all your Deleted Files from Android Mobile.


If you benefitted with this Trick, Comment below.

If not please Comment on me, I will try to solve the Issues facing while Data Recovery.


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