Top 5 Freelancing Sites to Earn Daily Minimum $50/Day per Site

In the Series of Online Earning, I am introducing you to the Top 5 Freelancing Sites. All are available worldwide for anyone and can work from anywhere. Are full Legitimate Websites in which Clients are Big Branded Companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo & so on.

These are the Top 5 Freelancing Websites whose Monthly Visits are in Millions. And you don’t need to have to search for clients elsewhere. Because Clients themselves are coming for their Works to be done from here.


  • As these all are Legitimate Sites, so we need not have to worry about the Work. Just because These Top 5 Websites collect feedback from customers for future works also from us (Freelancers). Means Clients will come back with another new work for us with a new Job.
  • Payments are directly deposited in our Bank Account via Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, or whatever Payment method Options Available.
  • No need to hustle for after completion feedback from Clients.
  • We can Display our Previous Works Samples as our Portfolio of Work.
  • Customer mostly attracts us by our previous works data or our works Portfolio maintained for Presentation.
  • One Time Profile and Previous Work Display and get benefitted for a lifetime.
  • Some Sites have Gig System which is an Indirect Offer for Specific Skills we have.

5 Best Freelancing Sites to Earn Daily Minimum $50/Day per Site


It is Worldwide Network Marketplace where daily around Lakhs of People visiting these Sites for their requirements. Fiverr is the Biggest Freelancers Marketplace in the World. This is the best way to start your Online Earning Journey from your Own Skills.


It is the 2nd Largest Freelancing Marketplace in the World. The main benefit of this Site is you’ll get the best money for your work. But it maintains Standards in Freelancers and this site is promoting the best professional working Freelancers. But you’ll get much better Earnings from your Career.

3. (PPH)

It is also a Very Good Career Changing Site. This Site pays you the much and also most importantly it has 50% Safe Side Advance Payment Option. High Rate of Projects and better in Return, because initially it was started for the UK Nations people but gradually it spread around the world. And we already aware that the Paying Capability of the UK People is very high.


It is also the Most Popular Freelancing Site. All of the most Categories Works will be doing from Home. It is also the Populating Site. But you’ll get the work as soon as you are constant for applying directly to the jobs available from Clients.


It is not that Popular Site but also it has so many Works available. Truelancer Freelancing Site is the Most for the New Comers in Freelancing Career.


All of the 5 Freelancing Sites have the Much Works. But you need to take immediate action for applying all of these or anyone as per your requirement. Because Daily Thousands of people are applying and also lakhs of people are Earning from these Freelancing Sites.

Paypal Supports 40 Currencies including 200 Countries with 20 Million Customers.

You just need your Original & Scan Copy of…

National Identity Card Infront of you

PAN CARD (for India)

Passport Photo

Bank Passbook

Select a Purpose of Opening Paypal Account

And Most Importantly, you have a Mail ID

(which becomes your Bank Account No.)

Make a Profile with your Bank Credentials and it will credit you 3 different Rs.1 to Rs.2.5 in between these and will ask you these Amounts details. How much they have deposited, they’re asking the Security purpose of your Account.

Most of the Sites use Paypal as the Payment which you can register from below link directly and it is free to register:


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